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A Writer's Notebook

Nightlock Recs: Science vs. Romance AU Fics.

Yet more love for fnurnfur’s Range of Motion!

…AND a “Threshing Floor” nod! I love you, forthegenuine!!! A particular thanks for the line:

I have two fics that deserve honorable mention… and not in the “honorable mention” that is the consolatory, thanks-for-playing way, but the I’m honored to mention these pieces because they are superb in every way kind. 

I have a good friend/co-worker who read “The Threshing Floor” and was severely disheartened to learn there were no prizes for Prompts in Panem. ;D (Not that I expected one, mind, but she really thought there should be winners!)

Not to mention, I’m delighted that someone “got” “porchwood, née Mejhiren.” ;D