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A Surprise Teaser: When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun, Ch 12, Scene 1

Hey chickadees. <3 I’ve been feeling especially glum of late and I know several of you have as well, and in light of your wonderfully unexpected outpouring of sweetness at yesterday’s writing check-in, I thought it might make a nice treat to share the whole first scene of Chapter 12 (about 4200 words, or a normal-sized chapter of most other fics ;D).

After this things get really spoilery, mind, so this is the only lengthy excerpt you’ll get before the chapter comes out, though I’ll still do check-ins and all in the interim. :D



I sit in bed for a long while, turning the precious orange over and over in my hands and letting its red satin tails slip between my fingers. As I learned last night, everyone in this house knows what red ribbons mean. My companion has given me a sweetheart’s token; tucked it into my hand, even, so I would discover it as soon as I woke.

Between the red ribbon and the tear-dampened kisses that my companion pressed to my hair last night, I can rule out Lavinia…but then, I’ve always known, deep down, that it wasn’t her. For one, my bed partner is simply too heavy – and heavy-footed. I’ve shared a house with Lavinia and a bed with them for a month now; I know the sound and rhythm of steps, as any hunter should, and how much the mattress gives at their weight, even when I’m two arm-lengths away from my companion’s body. Also, Lavinia’s response to the wintergreen sprig – it’s about time – made it clear that, while she may be aware of my companion’s presence, as I’ve long suspected, she’s not that companion herself.

Not to mention, if Lavinia truly wanted to share my bed, she would never have bothered with secrecy. She would have crawled beneath the covers, as casually as Prim does, and pressed a kiss to my cheek before curling up behind me like a kitten and, likelier than not, burrowing cold toes against my calves.

No, my companion is not Lavinia and, more to the point, it’s not a girl. For the past month, I’ve shared this bed of fur and deerskin with a man.

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P.S. I got myself a few little treats in my northward travels today. :D Chimney Corner Fairy Tales is a delicious little 1926 compilation including all kinds of lesser-known gems like “Billy Beg and His Bull,” “The Princess on the Glass Hill,” and “Little One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes” (surely someone else out there grew up on these via the Reader’s Digest fairy tale anthologies?), though the back-to-back “East o’ the Sun and West o’ the Moon” and “Snow-White and Rose-Red” were what really sealed the deal. :D

Next is a pair of earrings made from deer antler (Buckhorn Crafts) from the Verksted Gallery in Poulsbo, Washington, and a pair of white Zuni bear (!!!) earrings with little amethyst beads from the Suquamish Museum. (My sis knew I was looking for anything bear-related and especially white bears, so she was crowing to high heaven when she found those earrings - with my birthstone on them, no less!) I also found a glorious pair of abalone bear earrings at Shelton’s Nifty Thrifty on our first day out here (new in box for a whopping $8!), but they’re currently in my ears (in hopes of attracting isbjørneisbjørnene? - in Little Norway :D) so the picture of those will come later.

And lastly is a print of a Kermode or spirit bear (a black bear born with white or cream-colored fur) by artist Andy Everson, also from the Suquamish Museum. I was over the moon to find white bears in the lore of the Pacific Northwest and am eager to discover if there’s any sort of Native American legend that at all resembles “East of the Sun and West of the Moon.” The fairy tale is a variation on the myth of Cupid and Psyche, after all, which is ancient, and something of a spin on “Beauty and the Beast,” and Native American lore is spilling over with animal bride/bridegroom tales…anyone?  

More from today’s visit to the Suquamish Museum (Suquamish, WA). The outfit shown above is a mountain lion robe (!!!) over a dress of cedar (how amazing is that - the Suquamish made their winter clothing from shredded cedar bark!) and makes me ache for a Native American Granny Ashpet. *sigh*

A few people in my generation had no interest in preserving the language or remembering the old ways. They probably thought that it wouldn’t ever do them any good. They were too busy surviving… The way I’ve always felt about it, if you haven’t got any memories of what your culture was back there, you just wonder what you’re doing around here now.

- Lawrence “Web” Webster, 1899-1991

[Quote displayed at the entrance to the Suquamish Museum in Suquamish, Washington - one of my eagerly awaited stops on this year’s trip!]


This quote immediately brought Panem to mind (the absence of culture/traditions/heritage that we 21st century folks so easily take for granted) and particularly Katniss’s father’s family. This is probably only relevant to my personal headcanon, but I think Webster’s words beautifully embody Jack Everdeen and his parents (and, for that matter, Peeta’s Mellark grandparents) and their passion - at least in the Mejhiren-verse :D - for tales and tradition.

Health Update

Hey kids. I’ve been completely off the radar for quite a while, owing to a health issue that recently (and very worrisomely) emerged, and now that I have a semi-conclusive diagnosis/course of action, I wanted to let you guys know what’s going on. 

At the beginning of June I discovered a lump in my lower abdomen. I have since had several doctor’s appointments, two ultrasounds, two rounds of bloodwork, and an MRI, and the current consensus is that I have a large uterine fibroid. My bloodwork has all been normal, including the second series (which looks for cancer markers), so it’s unlikely that there’s any sort of malignancy, though of course they can’t rule that out entirely till after the surgery, when they’ve done all kinds of tests on the mass itself.

My sister and I have been planning a two-week trip to Washington state to visit our parents (since they moved out there, it’s the only chance we have to see them in the entire year, and my sister’s schedule makes the travel window a very narrow one) and we’ve been worried, in light of this health stuff, that said trip would have to be cancelled, but my doctor is entirely fine with me traveling and postponing the surgery till after I get back. She believes that whatever the mass is, it’s been developing over a long period of time, and while it needs to be removed, it’s not at any sort of immediate crisis point or obvious malignancy.

We’re still ironing out the details, but I will most likely be having surgery the week of August 11 (I’ll provide more details as we get closer to the date). It’s officially an “exploratory laparotomy” and will essentially be a C-section (full incision, epidural, 4-6 weeks recovery time). :P My doctor is hopeful that the fibroid is simply attached to the uterus, not growing in the uterine wall (they’re still not entirely certain, even after the MRI :P), as the former can be removed relatively easily but the latter would require a hysterectomy, which I would (naturally) like to avoid if at all possible. :/

In addition to all of this, the 4-6 weeks of recovery time will be unpaid leave from work, so my sister and I are crunching numbers to figure out how to make ends meet for a month or more without a regular income on my end. (We’re deliberately NOT calculating how much all of these medical procedures are going to cost - that’s a worry for another day!)

For those of you who are the spiritual sort, I would deeply appreciate prayers for a simple and successful surgery (in which I get to keep all of my organs, God willing!), for healing, and that God will provide some sort of avenue to help my sister and me through things financially. (That being said: if anyone has suggestions for temporary income streams/available funds while one is recovering from surgery and unable to work, I would be very interested to hear them, and I’m pretty sure God wouldn’t mind. :D)

Finally, I know some (maybe a lot) of you are wondering how this impacts WtM, and please know that it has NOT been abandoned! The past six months have been the roughest of my life, bar none, but I’ve continued to peck away at Ch 12 whenever possible and in a strange way, I’m looking forward to having that recovery time at home. I’m sure I won’t feel up to writing right away, but I’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to work on stories (that wouldn’t have otherwise been available to me), and my creativity tends to flourish during enforced convalescences. ;D

So much love to all of you. <3 I’ll pass along further details as they become available.

Howl, a hunger games fanfic | FanFiction by dandelionsunset   .


 So good!  Now if I can just get an update on When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun, life will be very good indeed!

Interjecting here to say: I’m so excited that this is live at last! You guys are going to love the premise (feral!Katniss and wounded!Peeta), and the first chapter already has me in thrall. Young Everlark on the cusp of first love, then tragedy and suspense - and a whole lot of intrigue to come! Follow this one straightaway - you won’t want to miss a word of it!

Incidentally, this Andrea Hrnjak image (“Wolfmoon”) is the cover art for said story, and the Byron quote is equally fitting:

“Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey…”

Now rest beneath night’s shadow
The woodland, field, and meadow;
The world in slumber lies.
But you, my heart, awaking
And prayer and music making,
Let praise to your Creator rise.

The radiant sun has vanished,
His golden rays are banished
From dark’ning skies of night;
But Christ, the Sun of gladness,
Dispelling all our sadness,
Shines down on us in warmest light.

Now all the heav’nly splendor
Breaks forth in starlight tender
From myriad worlds unknown;
And we, this marvel seeing,
Forget our selfish being
For joy of beauty not our own.

Lord Jesus, since You love me,
Now spread Your wings above me
And shield me from alarm.
Though Satan would devour me,
Let angel guards sing o’er me:
This child of God shall meet no harm.

My loved ones, rest securely,
For God this night will surely
From peril guard your heads.
Sweet slumbers may He send you
And bid His hosts attend you
And through the night watch o’er your beds.

—    Paul Gerhardt, “Now Rest Beneath Night’s Shadow” (Nun ruhen alle Wälder), 1647
(tune here)
Lutheran Public Radio: Sacred Music for the World.

At the risk of looking like a huge geek, this is perhaps the most glorious place in existence for streaming sacred music. (You don’t have to be Lutheran to enjoy it, of course, but you’ll probably recognize a lot of the composers/arrangers and ensembles if you are. :D) I’ve fallen asleep to this station on many a night and would particularly recommend it to anyone who needs a little extra peace and comfort for their soul.

"If Ye Love Me" (Thomas Tallis) - Robert Shaw Festival Singers (O Magnum Mysterium)

If ye love Me, keep My commandments, and I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may bide with you for ever, ev’n the Spirit of truth.

(John 14:15-17a)

Uploading this one because silly Spotify and YouTube don’t have the glorious Robert Shaw version (sacrilege!)…